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How much does a good adult name cost?

The price of a good domain name ranges roughly from 100 to 10 million dollars. For the adult names subgroup, it is the same. (For a sample of official selling prices of various adult domain names over the years, click here.) Do you know why? Because the most expensive domain name transaction was for an adult name! Indeed, "" was sold for 12 million dollars!

Now, donít worry, you wonít need to spend that much to get a good adult name. Besides, "" is not even a good name. Itís actually a pretty bad one. Hereís why: "" shouldnít be too difficult to remember, I agree, but when it comes to evoking a business or an activity, things go bad. The word "sex" is way too generic to fit a concept. Who would call his garage "Engine" or his bakery "Flour"?

@ domainsdotcum, we have adult domains ranging from $999 to $200,000, and they are all good, even the cheapest.



What makes a good adult domain name?

Does extension matter?

What makes domain names at domainsdotcum special?

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